Online casinos are well-packed with a multitude of games. Every type of gambler can easily find an option to their liking. There are fun and easy games, complex and strategic gambling options, generous gambles, and ones with high winning odds. You can even play against live dealers while sitting in front of a PC screen in the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the widely-loved top online casino games that are available today in the popular majority of online casino halls:

  • Slot Machines - This category of casino gaming entertainment is available in different ent versions. You can choose the gaming emulator based on the number of reels/pay lines, game theme, bonus features, jackpot amounts, and game controls;
  • Blackjack Games - Game versions vary greatly, and the game itself is very similar to the one available in real land-based casinos;
  • Roulette Games - Fans of traditional online gambling entertainment will fall in love with the game of roulette. Easy game rules, relaxed game flow, and the opportunity to win real money all make thousands of gamblers play online roulette; and
  • Progressive Jackpot Games - High-rollers and jackpot hunters should pay special attention to progressives. This category of casino games offers some of the biggest jackpots. The grand prize amounts can sometimes reach a couple of millions of bucks.

The big advantage of playing online is that you do not necessarily need to pay for it. In addition, various profitable promotions are often held in online gambling establishments. Online casinos give out gifts and all kinds of bonuses to players. You will definitely like to gamble online.

But which popular gambling games in online casinos will you enjoy most of all? How should you choose a proper gaming option, and what should you be aware of before diving into the gaming process? Let’s answer all of these questions together.

Best Online slots

Casino online slots boast of huge popularity among gamblers simply because these games are easy to play and win. As a rule, slots come with elementary rules, offer large-scale jackpots, and are well-packed with bonus features. Here are some of the main distinctive features of modern one-armed bandits:

  • Slot machines can have a different number of reels and pay-lines;
  • You can select the game that features a theme from your favorite movie, cartoon, book, mythological story, etc.; and
  • You can activate bonus rounds, get a top prize multiplied or play the game for free once you land a special symbol on the playfield.

Taking into account the massive popularity of online slots, new games are released almost every month, so you can always try new gaming solutions. Some of the most popular slot games today are Mega Vault Millionaire, Mega Moolah, Atlantean Treasure, Treasure of the Nile, Thunderstruck II, Terminator, Immortal, and many others.

Best Blackjack Games in Canada

Blackjack is considered a real king of online casino card games. The blackjack online casino game requires not only luck from a player but also outstanding mathematical skills, as well as the application of tricky strategies. All of this can significantly increase the chances of winning in this exciting and highly popular game.

The rules of blackjack are quite simple. At the beginning of the gaming session, all its participants place bets. The dealer then takes one or two cards for himself and gives two cards to each player. A single card has a specific number of points, and it is necessary to score exactly 21 points without exceeding this scoreline. To achieve this goal, you can take as many cards as you need. If you finally get 21 points, you win. If you score more than 21, your entire stake goes to the online casino.

If you have never played blackjack, then you can always play it for free in online casinos and use bonus money for bets. Another great thing about playing online blackjack is that you can choose from different game versions, such as Spanish 21, Atlantic City, Vegas Strip, Pontoon, and many others.

Best Roulette Games

Roulette is a simple and straightforward game that is well known even to people who have never been in Las-Vegas casinos or have never gambled online. This popular online casino game is available in different versions—European, French, and American. Unlike the classic game version, American roulette boasts huge popularity. With two zero sections on the playing field and additional numbers, it offers higher winning odds to players. All other game rules remain the same. The player must guess where the ball will stop.

Looking for a relaxed casino game? Do not want to dive into the game specs and develop any strategies? Then give a try to online roulette. It will not leave you bored.

Best Progressive Jackpots games

Progressive jackpot games are perfectly suited for those who are bored of playing the same games and want to spice up their gambling routine with something fresh, exciting, and risky. The main distinctive feature of this type of casino game is that it offers multi-million prizes. Each prize’s size is continuously growing until it is landed.

It is not always necessary to make a large bet in order to play and win in progressive games. Your winning odds have nothing to do with the stake you make. You can even play with bonus money and still have a chance to hit a grand prize. What’s important here is that you understand the game mechanics, bonus features, and have some basic strategy.

Almost all types of casino games are available in the progressive jackpot version. However, the following ones boast of great popularity: progressive slots, progressive video pokers, progressive blackjack, etc. If you do not feel excited about mid-size jackpots and want to hunt for something bigger, then the selection of progressive online casino games Canada will serve you. Pick any game from the list, check whether a casino has any bonus for it, and try to hit big.

Best Online Casinos in Canada
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